Buildings are much more than the sum of their walls, roofs and features. They are more than bricks and mortar, concrete and timber. They are more than timeless spaces. They are the life that happens within those spaces. For the last decade, Megowan has been designing life into spaces.

Creating the perfect award-winning homes, at multiple scales, as individual as their owners and their contexts. These are spaces that make for wonderful experiences, that heighten the everyday and bring a smile to your face as you walk through the front door.

The foundations of great architecture aren’t just space and light, they’re character and life.

Renovations and new homes

Architecture should be an expression of the owner, not the architect. So getting to know you, your daily routine and how you interact in an environment is essential for us to design a space that meets the needs of your life, now and in the future.

This approach pushes us into a mindset that is about optimisation- how can a space work best around you and how can you work best in a space. We always look for clever space-saving solutions, optimal use of air and light and finishes that are reflective of how your home will be used.

It is the smaller details that we find clients enjoy the most in the end product, the perfectly placed bathtub over a scenic sunset view, the adaptable spaces for a growing family, skylights over kitchen benchtops for optimal visibility or maximized entrance storage for oversized school backpacks. These small details are all part and parcel with the big and bold structural and conceptual ideas we bring to the table too.

Please note we currently work with clients with construction budgets starting from $750,000 for extensions or renovations. We work with construction budgets starting from $1,200,000 for new homes.

It all starts with a conversation, so we look forward to sitting down and speaking with you soon.

New developments

We have extensive experience with developing sites from all stages. Get in touch to find out how we can make your development successful and profitable.

Please note we currently work with clients with construction budgets starting from $1,600,000 for multi-family and hospitality developments.

Founder, Director and Lead Architect, Christopher Megowan, has passionately dedicated himself to the study, teaching and practice of Architecture for over two decades. He has worked at award-winning practices in Los Angeles, London and Melbourne before beginning the now industry recognized and awarded MEGOWAN in 2013.

Christopher is keen to see more great architecture in the world and so regularly lectures and guest lectures at the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

MEGOWAN is made up of a team of highly talented Architects and designers that bring a highly educated and global view to each project.

Awards & Commendations

  • 2018 H.I.V.E. X Five Architeam Awards Finalist Residential New
  • 2016 Cumquat Tree House BDAV Building Design Awards Commendation
  • 2015 Convertible Courtyard House National Building Design Awards Best Addition up to $350K construction cost
  • 2015 Convertible Courtyard House Best Residential Design: Additions & Alterations
  • 2015 Convertible Courtyard House Most Innovative Small Works Project
  • 2014 Convertible Courtyards House Finalist Architectural Design
  • 2014 Convertible Courtyards House Timber Design Awards Finalist Small budget Project
  • 2014 Convertible Courtyards House Timber Design Awards Finalist Rising Star


2008 Christopher Megowan, Bachelor of Architecture (honours), University of Southern California

Christopher Megowan Design Pty. Ltd. (ABN: 42 166 550 545) trading as Megowan is a registered Architectural company in the state of Victoria. Christopher Megowan is a Registered Architect, Registered Building Practitioner and a member of Architeam.

We are always interested in hearing from talented individuals who aspire to intern or work with us. We are proud to hire from an all-inclusive perspective.

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